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Morse Tavern Natick
Morse History

The Morse name has carried centuries of tradition in the Natick and surrounding Metrowest area.  While searching for a concept change and name for the Tavern, Sharon and John Stournaras, owners of the restaurant, decided to incorporate the years of Morse name history and the Olde Morse Tavern (the first tavern in Natick MA) philosophy...the great food and great place to rest your feet theory.

Relating to Natick

The history of Natick is facinating.  In the early 1800's and 1900's, Natick has numerous historical landmarks and milestones.  This combination of unique history and carried family name, opens the doors and opportunity to provide to Natick a delicious family friendly atmosphere and food and spirits in a neighborhood friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy.   We encourage you to go visit the Natick Historical Society for more old photos, archives and remberances of our ancestors of this wonderful town. 


Historical information courtesy of the Natick Historical Society.

"​Olde Morse Tavern"

the first tavern in Natick, Massachusetts

Natick History
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